Live Radish Microgreens

This is a 6" x 5" tray of living rainbow radish microgreens that can be harvested as needed from your windowsill for 2-3 days, or cut and refrigerated for up to a week. 


This mix of red and daikon radish microgreens tastes peppery and spicy like the full grown vegetable. They grow 2” - 3” tall, with a pair of heart shaped leaves. The daikon radishes have green or white stems and greens leaves, and the red radishes have white or purple stems with dark red (almost black) leaves.


Radish microgreens make an excellent addition to sandwiches, salads, and eggs. Even if you don't like radishes you might still like these!


🍃 Packaging is 100% compostable
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Live Radish Microgreens

    1. Place microgreens tray near sunny window
    2. Water roots with approx 1/4 cup daily (keep the leaves dry)
    3. Cut microgreens from tray as needed for 2-3 days
    4. After 2-3 days cut all remaining microgreens and refrigerate in sealed container for up to a week
    5. Compost used microgreens tray with roots and coco coir