How to Store Microgreens

Microgreens can be kept fresh in your fridge for up to two weeks when stored properly. How do you store microgreens properly? The quick answer is to store them the same way you store lettuce, but for best results detailed care instructions are below.

1) Wash and dry microgreens completely

- Microgreens are very delicate and should be handled carefully

- Rinse microgreens under cool water using a sieve - water that is too hot or too cold will cause damage

- Gently agitate microgreens under flowing water to remove any traces of grow medium

- Lay absorbent towel on counter and spread microgreens across, then use a second towel to gently pat dry

2) Place microgreens into sealed container

- Transfer microgreens into reusable container without overstuffing

- Place single layer of absorbent paper towel on top of microgreens if necessary (see below)

- We recommend using a mason jar or repurposed sauce jar but any glass or plastic container with a lid will work

3) Keep container refrigerated

- Microgreens will wilt if left out of the fridge

- Store microgreens in the produce drawer of your fridge or on a lower shelf away from cool air vents

4) Use paper towels to control humidity

- Paper towels can be used to increase or decrease the humidity in your container and extend the life of your greens

- Add a strip of dry paper towel on top of your microgreens once condensation starts to form on the inside of the lid to soak up excess moisture

- Add a strip of damp paper towel on top of your microgreens overnight if they have started to dry out and turn limp