Eco-Friendly Microgreen Packaging

Finding sustainable packaging for microgreens is a challenge as microgreens need to be stored in non-porous sealed containers to maximize shelf life (see How to Store Microgreens). Most farmers use single-use plastic clamshell packaging which is recyclable but not exactly eco-friendly. Plant-based plastic containers (PLA) can be used if your city has a commercial compost facility and your customers are informed how to dispose of the containers properly. Without proper disposal PLA bioplastics won't degrade on their own in a meaningful timeframe.

Peterborough Microgreens is one of the first microgreen providers in Ontario to use 100% sustainable packaging. All of our containers are made from biodegradable materials that can be recycled, or will break down in your backyard composter. (Read more about our commit to sustainability.)

For our live microgreens we use shallow trays made from naturally fallen palm leaves. The trays contain no bonding agents, wax coatings or chemicals and become organic compost when they disintegrate. They are sourced from a Canadian company and are made in rural India by local farmers. They generate employment opportunity in the villages, and workers are taken care of with fair wages and safe working conditions.

Our cut microgreens are packaged in recyclable brown paper bags hand printed with non-toxic water based ink. The bags are FDA compliant but you should transfer your microgreens to a reusable container as soon as they are received to prevent them from drying out (see How to Store Microgreens).