About Our Microgreens


Where do you grow your microgreens?

Our microgreens are grown indoors at our urban farm in the west end of Peterborough (aka. our home). We have built a clean climatized grow room that is dedicated to microgreens and we use vertical farming methods to maximize how much we can produce in that space.

Are your microgreens organic?

We are not certified organic but we do follow strict organic protocols. We use organic non-GMO seeds, an organic growing medium, and we don’t use pesticides or fertilizers of any kind.

How long do the microgreens last for?

Your microgreens will taste best if they are harvested within 2-4 days after they are received. After 2-4 days they will start to grow past their prime so we recommend cutting anything you have left and storing them in the fridge where they will keep for another 1-2 weeks (See How do I store my microgreens?)

How much am I getting?

Your total yield will depend on how long you let your microgreens grow for, and the amount of sunlight they receive. You will have enough for at least 4 generous servings for your sandwiches, salads, smoothies, etc.

Do I need to wash the microgreens?
Your microgreens are not touched after they are planted but we do still recommend rinsing them to remove any coco coir that may have been pushed up into the leaves as they were growing, or leftover seeds hulls. Gently pat dry after rinsing.

Do I have to grow the microgreens myself?

No. We sell living microgreens so they are already grown to the point where they are ready to harvest and eat. You can continue growing them for approx. 2-4 days from your windowsill, cutting them as needed the whole time.

Do I have to cut the microgreens myself?

Yes. You will receive living microgreens that are growing in a coco coir medium. They are intended to be cut as needed with scissors or a sharp knife. Studies have shown that microgreens loose up to 40% of their nutrients after they've been harvested so consuming them immediately after they've been cut is by far the healthiest way to consume them.

Can you regrow microgreens after cutting them?

No, microgreens can only be harvested once

Can I eat the seed hulls?
Some varieties of microgreens may have seed hulls still attached to the leaves. Most will be pushed off as the microgreens continue to grow, or can be rinsed off with water. The seed hulls are not harmful to ingest however sunflower seed hulls should always be removed.

How do I care for my microgreens?

  1. Keep your tray near a sunny window

  2. Water microgreens at the roots with approx. 2 oz. daily (keep the leaves dry)

  3. Cut fresh from tray as needed for 2-3 days

  4. Cut and store leftovers in fridge for 1-2 weeks (see storage tips below)

How do I store my microgreens?

If you have leftover cut microgreens they are best stored in a sealed container in the fridge (a zip-lock bag will do in a pinch). Add a folded paper towel to absorb any excess moisture.

PRO TIP: Pre chill the container you plan to store them in to further reduce condensation

Are the trays compostable?

Our trays are 100% compostable. They are made from naturally fallen palm leaves and are completely biodegradable. They contain no bonding agents, wax coatings or chemicals, and become organic compost when they disintegrate.


Order & Delivery


How do I buy your microgreens?

You can order microgreens through our online store by using your credit card or PayPal, or message us directly through social media and pay by e-transfer.


Do you deliver?

Yes! We deliver within the city of Peterborough every Tuesday from 3pm - 5pm. If you live outside Peterborough but will be in town on a Tuesday, please consider curbside pickup.


Is curbside pickup available?

Yes! Curbside pickup is available at our location near the Hospital in Peterborough every Tuesday from 9am - 5pm.

Can I order microgreens if I don’t live in Peterborough?

Yes you can, for curbside pickup. If you live outside Peterborough you can order microgreens for pickup on Tuesdays from 9am - 5pm by choosing the curbside pickup option at checkout. We are located near the Hospital in the west end.

Why are your microgreens only available on Tuesday?

We stagger when we plant our microgreens so they are all ready for pick-up and delivery on Tuesdays.​ When plan to add a second date/location for pickups in late March or early April (details coming soon).

Can I order microgreens for a day other than Tuesday?

Unfortunately no, it is not cost or energy efficient to grow a single tray on its own. We can accommodate specific delivery date requests for wholesale orders of 25 or more trays.

Wholesale Accounts


How can I set up a wholesale account?

Send us an email for an application form. Once reviewed you will be sent a link to set up your account and password.

Are there order minimums?

Wholesale pricing is available for orders of 10 or more individual trays of any variety of microgreen. We can also sell you microgreens in bulk in traditional 10" x 20" flats or half sized 10" x 10" flats. Custom delivery dates can be requested for orders of 25 or more individual trays, or 4 or more full sized flats.

Do you have a price list?

Yes! Please email us to request a wholesaler application form and once your account is set up you will have access to view all of our pricing.

How do I place a wholesale order?

Please email or call us with your order directly. We plan to launch a separate wholesale shop so you will be able to purchase online soon.

What payment methods are available?

E-transfer, credit card, and PayPal are preferred. Established wholesale accounts can arrange 30-day payment terms.

What delivery methods are available?

Free delivery is available within the city of Peterborough and the surrounding area. We can arrange delivery anywhere within a 300 km radius of Peterborough. Please contact us to discuss.