Peterborough Microgreens eco-friendly cardboard wall sign
Peterborough Microgreens eco-friendly cardboard wall sign

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Live microgreens ready to harvest
Live microgreens ready to harvest

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Peterborough Microgreens eco-friendly cardboard wall sign
Peterborough Microgreens eco-friendly cardboard wall sign

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​​Peterborough Microgreens is a sustainable urban farm committed to providing our community with year round access to locally grown produce through our delivery service and our partnership with the Second Harvest program. We are not a large commercial operation. We are a small family run business located in the west end of the city. 


Our microgreens are grown indoors using vertical farming methods which allow us to grow large amounts of produce in a small amount of space. Though we are not yet certified organic, we do follow strict organic protocols. We use organic non-GMO seeds, an organic growing medium, and we don’t use any pesticides or fertilizers of any kind. 


Our business has been built around environmental sustainability. We are proud to be one of the only microgreen growers in Canada to use plastic free packaging and green energy to power our facilities.

Our mission is to grow healthy food that is sustainable and accessible to every member of our community.


Peterborough Microgreens has been committed to creating an environmentally sustainable business model since day one. Minimizing our environmental footprint as we grow our business is a core belief to our personal and professional values.


Here are some examples of how we fulfill our sustainability commitment

🌿 We package our live microgreens in eco-friendly trays made from naturally fallen palm leaves. The trays are biodegradable. They contain no bonding agents, wax coatings or chemicals, and become organic compost when they disintegrate. We work with a Canadian company who ethically sources the materials from India.

🌿 Most of our supplies are purchased from local businesses. If we can't find something locally we purchase it from a Canadian supplier to minimize our greenhouse emissions associated with transport.

🌿 We have a zero-waste goal where nothing would leave our facility to go to the landfill. We are currently producing less than 1 grocery bag of non-recyclable waste per month... all of which comes from supplier packaging.

🌿 We use green energy to grow our microgreens with Bullfrog Power; a Canadian green energy provider that sources electricity exclusively from wind and low-impact water power producers.

🌿 Any extra microgreens we grow will be donated to the Second Harvest Food Rescue program which redistributes unsold nutritious food to local school programs, seniors’ centres, shelters, food banks, and regional food hubs.

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Steph - Happy w Radishes - Round.jpg

Hi, I'm Stephanie

I am the creator of
Peterborough Microgreens

In March of 2020 I decided to try to persue my dream of opening my own business. My goal was to create a business that would be good for my customers, good for the community, and good for the planet. 


Eventually I came up with the idea for Peterborough Microgreens. I have grown microgreens on my kitchen windowsill for years, so I decided to turn my hobby into a real business.


My professional background consists primarily of administration work and graphic/web design, so I recruited my husband Dan (a hydroponic specialist) to help develop proper growing procedures, as well as my sister Jessica (a professional chef) to help develop original recipes. Now, for the first time in my professional life, I finally feel like I am doing something I am really proud of, and truly love ♥


Hi, I'm Daniel

I am the head grower at 

Peterborough Microgreens

In 2017 I was diagnosed with a rare vasculitis disease that completely changed my life. I was forced to leave a fast paced job I loved to slow down and focus on my health. 

As part of my treatment I was prescribed medical marijuana and obtained an indoor growing license. I began learning everything I could about hydroponic gardening techniques and I have spent the last three years perfecting my skills.

Peterborough Microgreens has been a great way for me to embrace a slower-paced lifestyle. I enjoy the challenges of organic gardening and watching something grow from seed. As my health continues to improve I am excited to grow this business, and am cautiously optimistic about my future.


Toasted sesame bagels with goat cheese
and pea shoot microgreens


Chicken pita with feta cheese, mixed veggies, and spicy radish microgreens